Benefits Of Using A Knee Walker When Injured

If you have sustained a knee injury, you will have some difficult getting around. In the past, most people depended on the use of crutches to be able to get from one place to another. With technological advances, the creation of a sitting scooter can be an alternative you may be interested in giving a try to help maneuver. Here are some of the benefits you can obtain by looking into renting or purchasing a knee walker to help you retain mobility when suffering from a knee injury.

How A Knee Walker Works

A knee walker is constructed in a way that it looks very similar to a child's push scooter. Most have three or four wheels and there is a cushioned seat for you to sit upon. The knee walker has handles to be used to steer. Your injured knee would have a pad to rest it upon. You use the leg that has not been injured to push off and move you around, just as you would with a regular scooter. The difference is that you will be in a seated position so your leg will be able to remain stationary, alleviating pressure from being on your knew.

A Variety Of Models

There are many different models available when picking out a knee walker. You could use a standard four-wheel model or you could try a three-wheel model to allow you zip around corners easily. A four-wheel model will give you extra stability. Take the time to try out different types of knee walkers to see which best fits your needs.

Advantages Over Crutches

There are several advantages to using a knee scooter instead of crutches. You would have the ability to move around at faster speeds when being on a knee walker. One of the best aspects is that they require little upper body strength to operate. With crutches you will need to rely on your strength to keep yourself upright. A knee walker is able to be moved around by virtually anyone.

There are adjustable handlebars and seat heights on a knee walker, giving you the best possible comfort when using one. This makes every day chores seem a bit easier as you will be able to adjust the walker to fit your individual specifications. When using a knee walker, you will have brakes on the handlebars to help you come to a complete stop easily.

You will save your back from being sore as it sometimes does with crutch use. With crutches, the body can weaken after repeated use, making the back muscles want to go into a slouching position to alleviate the stress. You will also enjoy not having chaffing or pain underneath your arms when using a knee walker.