When Your Daughter Wants To Join Roller Derby: What You Should Know

The roller derby is a sport that has been around for many years. However, until recently it has been a largely subversive and underground sporting event. It allows women to be aggressive athletes, roller skating around an arena, knocking each other down and into walls, all while adopting new and menacing names to liven up the game. Nowadays, roller derby has become so popular that youth leagues are popping up all over the nation allowing young girls and teens to participate as well. When your daughter approaches you wanting to participate in roller derby, you may have questions and concerns. To help you determine whether or not to allow your daughter to participate, you need to learn a little more about the process. 

Roller Derby Is A Contact Sport

Just like basketball, football, or soccer, roller derby is a contact sport. This means your daughter will have to be physical with the opposing teams. The idea behind roller derby is that each team has what is known as a jammer.

The jammer scores points for her team by lapping the rest of the players as many times as possible. The rest of the team is assigned the task of clearing the way for and protecting their jammer while blocking the other team's jammer from scoring. You can thus see where contact and aggression come into play. 

However, derby girls are not skating around the area unprotected. They wear helmets, knee guards, elbow guards, and mouth pieces to protect their body from impact if and when they fall on the track or make contact with other players. It is no more dangerous than other contact sports that many girls participate in. The only real difference is that roller derby is not a mainstream sports endeavor. 

Get Your Daughter A Sports Physical For Roller Derby

If and when you decide to allow your daughter to sign up for the junior roller derby league, you may not have to go through the same routine that you must do for school sports, particularly in regard to the sports physical. Schools require that a medical professional examine your child and sign off that they are healthy enough to participate in sports.

Roller derby, because it is not a school activity, may not do so. To ensure your daughter is healthy and safe when she practices and participates in roller derby bouts, you should take your daughter to a sports medicine doctor for a physical and checkup. They will be able to detect any potential problems. And if your daughter gets injured while participating, your daughter's sports medicine doctor will be able to quickly and effectively treat her injuries. 

Roller Derby Has Many Benefits For Young Women

While you may think that roller derby is just like any other contact sport, it has added benefits for many young girls that other sports may not. Roller derby is a sport that allows women and girls of all shapes, sizes, and physicality participate in. You do not have to be skinny or particularly athletic to be a part of a roller derby league or to be successful in your efforts.

This allows girls to be involved in a team sport and thrive when they otherwise may not. Roller derby can, in this way, be an incredible confidence booster. Your daughter will see that women of all physical types, from different backgrounds, and with different personalities and goals can come together as a team and work together. The benefits of this comradery cannot be understated.

As with any sport, you should be sure that your daughter receives medical approval for participation and is equipped with proper gear for safe participation. For more information, contact Rainbow Pediatrics or a similar organization.