Relieving Back Pain From Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, you may be experiencing back pain associated with the gain of weight and shift of gravity that happens during the process. Many women suffer from back pain during pregnancy and they are limited to what relief methods they can use since it is unsafe to use medication at this time. Here are some safe methods you can use to help relieve back pain during your pregnancy.

Yoga And Exercise

Doing prenatal yoga or light exercises can help relieve pain in your back by stretching the muscles affected by your changing body shape. Look for an exercise class in your area that is made specifically for pregnant women; or invest in at home exercise DVDs or tapes to start the process on your own. Doing exercise in a swimming pool is also a great way to relieve stress from your back.

When exercising, make sure to do a warm up and cool down session so your body eases in and out of the higher heart rate you will have from moving around. Drink plenty of water when exercising and do not do anything that feels uncomfortable. Many women benefit from exercise that focuses on the back area, and with a regular routine, will find that back pain subsides after time.

See A Doctor

A chiropractor can help you relieve the stress against your spine by doing some adjustments in an office environment. Many pregnant women find that having regular appointments with a chiropractor can make a big difference in the amount of pain that is felt. Sciatica pain can be taken care of by a chiropractor without any risk to your baby.

Using Temperature

Using cool compresses or ice packs can help relieve pain in your back when it is applied in twenty-minute increments once or twice an hour. Place it on the area for twenty minutes and remove it for at least twenty before reapplying. You can also use heat to relieve back pain. Use a heating pad to put on the affected area. Do not keep heat on your back for longer than ten minutes when pregnant, as it is important you do not raise your body temperature too high. Taking a warm bath or shower can also relieve back pain. 


Ask someone to massage the area where you have pain. Lie on your side so you do not hurt your stomach and have them apply light pressure to the area. They can rub it with a kneading motion until you feel better. You can make an appointment with a professional prenatal massage service for a relaxing massage without risk to your baby.