Three Times To Skip The Gym During Pregnancy

In most pregnancies, women are provided with a series of exercise recommendations to help keep their bodies toned and to prepare for labor. Although routine exercise is a good thing for your body, there are some cases where your doctor may advise that you be cautious or avoid certain exercises. Here are some of the reasons your doctor may suggest that you skip the gym while you're expecting.

Carrying Multiples

Having multiples can be exciting, but it also often means a high-risk pregnancy. Since carrying multiples can increase your risk of preterm labor and many other complications, your doctor may suggest that you limit your activity levels. In fact, he or she may even recommend bed rest at some stages of pregnancy. If your doctor has suggested that you stay off your feet, you should ask about the safety of a bed rest exercise routine that can help you preserve muscle tone.

Preterm Labor Risks

If you're experiencing labor signs and you haven't yet reached 37 weeks, your doctor may recommend that you skip the exercise routines for a few weeks and rest more. If you have a history of preterm labor with other pregnancies, you may even get this recommendation early in your pregnancy.

If this is the first time that you've had trouble, you may be able to return to your original workout plan after a couple of weeks of rest. In some cases, though, you'll have to skip the workout until you deliver. Your doctor will tell you what's safe in your situation.

Placental Conditions

If you've been diagnosed with a condition such as placenta previa or another high-risk placental concern, your doctor will probably suggest that you keep your general activity levels low and skip exercise altogether. The risk of bleeding and contractions will far outweigh the benefits of the activity levels in those situations. If this is the case for you, talk with your obstetrician about what is acceptable so that you don't do too much and cause potential problems.

When your doctor suggests that you skip the exercises while you're pregnant, he or she will tell you how long it's for and precisely why it is important. Make sure that you understand the instructions and exactly what kinds of exercises are permitted. For example, some low-impact exercises like swimming may be safer choices than aerobics or more extensive workout plans. Work with a professional practice, like All Women's Healthcare, to develop a thorough plan for the safety of both you and your baby.