Three Ways To Modify Your Home To Stay Safe As You Age

One of the more difficult realities of aging is that you will no longer be able to do the same things that you could in your youth. This can hit formerly active people especially hard. As you age, here are three ways that you can make your home more functional and safer for the golden years of your life.

Install a chair lift

When you are in the prime of your life, you don't want to live in a single level home, but a 2-story house becomes impractical as you age. A chair lift is a great way to retrofit your existing staircases and make them functional as you age. Chair lifts can't latch on to a railing, but they can anchor into your wall and give you a way to continue to live well in the house that you've spent decades turning into your home.

Another benefit of chair lifts is that they can fold out of the way, allowing other family members to use the exact same stairs that you are using. It is also significantly less expensive than installing an elevator that will ultimately impact the resale value of your home in the future. Contact a company like All-Star Lifts for more information.

Install movable grab bars

Grab bars are an essential tool in bathrooms and other hard-surfaced areas of your home. At the same time, they can be a significant renovation and require a lot of extra work to install. Instead of getting permanent grab bars, consider grab bars that use suction technology instead. These bars can be moved around as necessary depending on what you need, and they will also make things easier in the event that you have to move to an assisted living or other facility. Suction bars are extremely durable but also simple to install and remove.

Add texture to your slick surfaces

One of the most dangerous places in your home is your bathroom. Tubs and showers are extremely slick when wet, and as you age, your balance gets worse. This can cause you lose your footing and fall. Falls are one of the worst things that can happen as you age because your bones aren't as strong as they were when you were young. When you add texture to the surface of your tub, this will help you to keep your footing and prevent you from falling and damaging your body.

As you do these things, you'll be able to live in your home and stay safe as you age.