Parents Needing In-Home Care? 3 Tips To Help Them Understand

Do you have parents who are getting up there in years? If you do, you probably worry about the care they're receiving. This is especially true if they're still living on their own. Even if your parents are still able to provide for most of their care, they may need assistance with certain aspects of their daily life. However, getting someone to give up part of their independence can be tough. Before you step in and suggest in-home care, here are three tips that might make the process easier.

Divide and Conquer

If your parents are living together, you might have a difficult time getting them to agree to in-home care, especially if one parent is doing most of the work. The more independent parent may feel that they still have the ability to do everything. Point out how the in-home assistance will benefit both of them. For instance, point out that in-home care will give them more spare time – especially if one is the primary caregiver for the other spouse. Once you get one parent to agree to home care, the other will be more likely to agree to the assistance as well.

Start Small

You may know that your parents need help with multiple issues. However, your parents might not agree with you. Instead of pointing out all the reasons they need in-home care, stick with a few small issues – such as food preparation or light house cleaning. Once you have the caregivers in the house, it will be easier to expand on the assistance they provide.

Take the Emphasis off Them

Parents are used to being the care providers. If that responsibility has shifted to you, it might be a good time to take the emphasis off them and place it on you. Explain to your parents that in-home care would relieve some of the worry you have about their care. This is particularly true if you work outside the home and cannot be with them as often as they need. Knowing that in-home care would benefit you, your parents may be more likely to agree to the care.

If your aging parents are having a difficult time caring for their own day-to-day needs, it might be time to consider hiring in-home care for them at MultiCare Home Health. Once you decide on additional care, use the tips provided above to help get your parents on-board with the assistance you're planning for them.