4 Tips For Beating Addiction

Being physically and emotionally dependent on drugs or alcohol could translate to a number of health problems. It's important to your health and well-being to break the addiction habit as quickly as possible. This can be a real challenge to do and it's ideal to have some tips that you can do on your own to increase the possibility of success.

Tip #1:  Have an accountability partner

It's important to have another individual you can talk to or call if you feel that you're tempted to give into your addiction. This could be a family member or close friend that you feel confident enough to confide in and one you know you can count on at all times.

Be sure to have a phone number for this person and even an email address so you can be in contact if you're unable to meet in person.

Tip #2: Know your weaknesses

Does going to parties make you more vulnerable to give into your addiction? Perhaps, simply hanging around your friends makes you want to have an alcoholic drink.

Regardless where your weak spot is, you will want to stay away from it to help you beat any addiction type.

Tip #3: Join an addiction group

Talking to other people that are going through what you're experiencing can be motivational. Doing so can help show you that you're not alone. You will also be able to express openly your problem without being judged by others that have not endured it.

Be sure to take the time to check online for various self-help groups that can be an bonus for you to engage in if you've got an addiction problem.

Tip #4: Reward yourself

Find other things that you enjoy doing and treat yourself to these by reaching a milestone. For instance, if you've gone a month without falling off the wagon, get yourself a treat. This could be something as simple as going out to eat or seeing a movie. Other ideas could be buying yourself a new piece of clothing or adding to a collection that you may have.

The benefits of being drug and alcohol-free include having a healthier body and mind. Once you begin to experience how much better you feel, this will encourage you to avoid the things that you've become dependent on over time. Be sure to talk to your medical provider about additional ways to help you stay sober and drug-free.

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