Chiropractic Treatments That Can Improve Your Balance

Balance is a skill that is not only necessary for athletes, but is also important for day-to-day life. By maintaining your ability to balance, you are less likely to injure your back by falling. One of the advantages of seeing a chiropractor is that you can have your balance improved. Many of the exercises that your chiropractor might teach you are intended to restore your center of gravity. You can also improve on a related condition known as proprioception. There are several specific ways your chiropractor can help you.

Maintaining A Healthy Back

Having a healthy back will also affect your balance. Your trunk is the main part of your body that controls your balance and where the rest of your body parts are positioned. If your back is out of alignment, your body will have to reposition itself to maintain a proper alignment and this act of repositioning can cause you to lose your balance. Poor posture can also interefere with nerve signals that control how your body balances itself. Chiropractors treat the back through chiropractic adjustments. Your chiropractor will determine the nerves that are affected and will then apply pressure so that your back can be properly aligned.

Improving Proprioception

Chiropractors improve proprioception  by stimulating proprioceptors. These are receptors located in the joints that are designed to help your body understand its position in relation to the given space. You will also be taught a method of stretching that can help you increase your movement. This can help you reduce pain, which can also improve balance by allowing your body to avoid positioning itself in awkward ways designed to compensate for pain.

Examining How You Walk

By examining how you walk, your chiropractor can provide advice on how to adjust your gait not only to improve the health of your back, but to also improve your balance. Your chiropractor can point out muscles that are being overused and that might become so strained that they can impact your ability to maintain balance.

Providing Strength Training Advice

Strength training can help improve balance because building muscles allows for the body to more easily balance itself across all joints. Also, when certain muscles are underdeveloped, other muscles have to work harder to compensate and these can become strained, causing you to lose balance. While strength training in general can be beneficial, you will only know which muscles you must target by seeing a chiropractor like North Pole Chiropractic.