Does Your Parent Have A Hearing Problem?

When your parents age, you want to help watch for warning signs that they may be losing their hearing. It's not uncommon for this to happen as a person ages, but it is usually not very likely that they will be able to spot themselves having a problem with their own hearing until things have progressed to a serious level of loss. This article will help you to spot the signs that they may be experiencing loss sooner so you can persuade them to get in for a hearing test.

You need to keep repeating yourself

If your parent continually asks you to repeat yourself and you know that you said it loud and clear the first time, it may be that they are starting to have a hard time hearing others when they talk at a normal level.

Your parent talks louder than they used to

When a person has a hard time hearing, they will also have a more difficult time hearing their own voice when they talk. This can cause their voice to get louder and louder. If you find yourself scooting further and further away from your parent when they talk due to their loud voice, it may be a good indication that there may be some hearing loss going on.

They don't get as involved in family conversations like they used to

When your family is enjoying a get together, do you notice that your parent tends to do more smiling and nodding than they do actually participating in the conversation? This may be because they find it harder to follow what everyone is saying so they don't know how to respond correctly.

Their electronics are always on high volumes

If your parents have the volume for their electronics on an uncomfortably high setting, it may be so they can hear them and this indicates a hearing problem. They shouldn't need their TV, radio, and phone ringers on full-blast if their hearing is fine.

They are harder to wake up

If your parents have always been quite easy to wake up and now one of them takes a lot more noise to stir, then they may not be hearing the noise you are making until it reaches a higher level.

If you are concerned about one of your parent's hearing then you should convince them to go in for a hearing test. If they have hearing problems, they may be a food candidate for hearing aids. Once they get their new hearing aids, they will be able to enjoy hearing better and you will enjoy the changes. For more information, talk to a professional like Audiology Consultants, P.C.