Three Healthcare Jobs That Do Not Require You To Come In Contact With Blood

Many people think that working in the medical field requires them to work with blood on a regular basis. That is not the case at all, though. There are actually quite a few areas of the medical field that do not require you to work with blood at all. Use the following guide to learn about three areas in the medical field that may be perfect for you.  

Work as a Pharmacist

Working as a pharmacist allows you to work in the medical field without having to worry about being exposed to blood or any other bodily fluids. There are many different types of pharmacist jobs available to you. You could work as a psychiatric pharmacist in a psychiatric ward, as a veterinary pharmacist with animals, as a community pharmacist at a local pharmacy, or even as a nuclear pharmacist in a hospital where you will help people battling cancer.

Work in Physical Therapy

Physical therapy allows you to help people recover from surgery or an injury. Physical therapy requires you to be able to come up with therapy routines for each patient on an individual basis. You will work with children, adults, and the elderly in the physical therapy field, without having to take their blood. Patients will learn to regain their mobility and strength in the injured areas of their body through the skills you teach them.

Work in Information Management

All doctors, dentists, therapists, and hospitals need people to help them with the management of the information that they obtain each day. A job in information management allows you to help medical offices and hospitals to organize and track all of the information that they obtain to ensure that no one is able to gain access to the private medical records of patients. Also, an information manager takes the time to help offices and hospitals maintain records about billing and money management to ensure that no money is being mismanaged and that everyone is billed for the money they owe in a timely, organized manner.  

All of these fields require you to get in depth training before you can do them to ensure that you are prepared to do them properly. All three of these areas of the medical field allow you to work directly with the public without having to worry about coming in contact with blood. There will always be a need for pharmacists, information managers, and physical therapists, making these fields great options for someone who wants to have a long lasting career in the medical field.

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