3 Things That You Shouldn't Do Right After Facelift Surgery

Having a facelift done can be a great way to get that youthful appearance, but you do have to take good care of yourself after your procedure. If you aren't careful, you could make it more difficult for your surgical site to heal, or you could cause an infection without even meaning to. These are three of the main things that you should avoid doing directly after your procedure, until your doctor gives you permission to resume them.

1. Apply Makeup

In the days after your surgery, it is best to avoid applying makeup. This is especially true for foundation, blush, bronzer or other makeup that is applied directly to your face and not to your eyes or lips. Your makeup could irritate the healing site and could cause an infection. It could also burn and be very uncomfortable. Refrain from wearing makeup until your doctor advises you to do so.

2. Remove Your Bandage

There is a good chance that your physician will apply a bandage on the surgical site. This bandage helps protect the incision site from debris and bacteria and helps promote healthy, fast healing. Even though you might not like the look of having a bandage in such a visible place, you should not remove it, other than to clean the incision site and replace your bandage with a fresh, clean one. If you want your bandage to be a little bit less noticeable, consider looking for a skin-colored bandage that will blend in. Wearing your hair down rather than pulling it back can also help conceal the bandage, particularly if you have medium-length or long hair.

3. Use the Wrong Hair Products

You might not think that your hair products will affect your facelift, but they could. Spraying hair spray or other similar products onto your hair can make it easy for you to contaminate the surgical site, so be careful when applying these things. You should also be careful about having your hair dyed or otherwise applying chemicals to your hair. If you do choose to do so, keep your hair as far from your incision site as possible to help prevent contamination.

It is important to be careful and to take good care of the surgical site after your facelift so that you can heal properly. Along with avoiding these three things, make sure that you talk to your physician, such as My Plastic Surgery Group, about proper aftercare.