Three Things To Do For Your Pet Before Starting Home Health Care

If you are about to start having a home health care service help you out for a while, be aware that you have to take some steps to ensure that you, the home care aides, and any pets you have will be safe. Before beginning your home health care journey, do these three things to make sure there are no problems for or because of your pets.

Identify New Obstacles And Hazards

Ask your doctor and the home care aides what equipment you're going to have to have around your home. For example, an IV or oxygen tank with tubes can be tempting for playful pets who want to capture and chew on anything that moves. Find out where these pieces of equipment will have to be; you may have to exclude your pet from those rooms, or you may have to closely monitor your pet to ensure that it doesn't try to play with the equipment. Medications would have to be locked away immediately once you've received your dose to ensure the pets didn't chew on the bottles.

Protect The Home Health Aides

Warn the home care service about your pet so that the service can assign aides who are not allergic to or afraid of the pet you have. If your pet is particularly frightened of new people and tends to bark, hiss, or make other threatening actions or sounds, keep the pet in another room when an aide is around. If the pet is just the opposite and loves new people, try to introduce the aide and pet first, before the aide has to do any work. That way, the pet gets used to the aide being around and won't interfere with the aide's work.

Check Out Your Pet

This is a crucial step. Ensure that your pet is healthy. If your pet is not, it could transmit infections to you while you're undergoing care. Even if your care is only for something like a mobility issue, you don't want any infections or pests suddenly invading your home and body. You also don't want an issue like fleas to become a problem for the health care aide. Take your pet (or have a family member take the pet) to the vet for a general checkup.

If you have other concerns about what to do with your pet before you begin receiving home health care, talk to the service and find out what policies they have and what tips they can suggest. Companies like Argus Home Health Care may be able to provide more information.