4 Reasons To Choose Assisted Living Employment

Four out of every ten people in residential care facilities receive assistance with activities of daily living, according to the National Survey of Residential Care Facilities. With this in mind, assisted living employment is key to keeping residents healthy and on the move. Whether you're a certified nursing assistant already or just interested in an assisted living career, check out these must-know reasons for choosing this type of employment.

You're making someone else's day.

Assisted living isn't the same as full-on nursing care. Patients in these residences are able to get up and around on their own, but need help with activities of daily life. If this seems small, it isn't. Think about what it would be like for you if you couldn't brush your teeth or dress on your own. Helping residents to do these seemingly small tasks make a major impact in their day. That's not to mention the smile you'll bring when you spend time with and talk to your patients.

It's never the same.

The idea of sitting at a desk in an office cubicle doesn't exactly thrill you, right? If doing the same thing day in and day out in your job just isn't for you, assisted living employment may be. One day you may be helping the nurse to give baths, getting patients to their meals, and making sure that they make it to all of their medical appointments. The next you might sit in on a group chair exercise class, get a few female residents to their beauty salon appointments, and chat with the families. From day to day you'll have the opportunity to experience different aspects of the job, making your work exciting and engaging.

Physical activity is always part of the job.

If you're an on-the-go, high energy type of person, an assisted living career may be a match. Realistically, there is very little time when you'll sit and be still. Not only does this make your job even more interesting, but it helps to keep you in shape.

You'll learn about the medical field.

Are you thinking about eventually becoming a registered nurse (RN) or maybe even a doctor? Working as a certified nursing assistant gives you some real-world training and insight into the medical field that you won't get in the classroom. It also adds to your resume, making you a more experienced (and desirable) candidate for other jobs in healthcare.

Assisted living employment is more than just a job. From the impact that you make on the residents to the experience that you gain, working as a certified nursing assistant offers opportunities and benefits galore.