3 Tips To Help You Get Through An MRI If You Are Uncomfortable In Small Spaces

There are various different reasons why a doctor might order a patient to get an MRI. Magnetic resonance imaging can be a great tool that health professionals can use to get to the bottom of a potential problem quickly. If you have been asked to get an MRI, it's not something you want to delay. That said, it's understandable if you are uncomfortable about the idea. Some people get claustrophobic in confined spaces and the idea of being put into an MRI machine might have you feeling queasy. If you want to make it through your MRI appointment in good shape, here are three tips that might help.

Use Music to Distract You

Music is a great way to get your brain to focus on something else besides what is going on around you. You may not want to take a MP3 player or headphones into the MRI machine because it could interfere with the process or even damage your device. But if you tell the doctors about your concerns, they may be able to pipe your favorite music into the MRI room so you can focus on the song and not the confined space that you are in.

Day Dream

Remember in the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy closed her eyes and wished she was home? Well, doing the same isn't going to get you out of the MRI machine, but a good day dreaming session might trick your brain just enough to keep things under control until the appointment is over. Close your eyes and think about your favorite beach or random location. Really think hard about every little detail about that place. Feel the sand on your toes or the breeze in your face. Forcing other imagery like this to pop up can be a great way to distract yourself from what is going on around you.

When in Doubt, Just Breathe

Most MRI machines make some sounds and vibrations during the actual test. If you feel yourself starting to panic, try to control your breathing so that it matches up with the pattern of the machine. When the machine moves to a new location and stops, take a deep breath and hold it until the next pattern begins. If looking at the machine makes you nervous, just close your eyes and breathe in and out, holding the breath for a few seconds each time.

MRIs can be rough if you don't like confined spaces, but with a little preparation, it doesn't have to be the end of the world. Use music or visual imagery to get your mind off of the situation, or at the very least, practice some breathing exercises that will help you keep your blood pressure down during the test. Reach out to your doctor today if you feel that you might have problems during your upcoming MRI. Contact a company like Omega Diagnostic Imaging PC to learn more about the process.