Ankle Sprains Are A Big Deal ~ What Everyone Needs To Know

Many people think that ankle sprains are not a big deal. Perhaps you have had one in your lifetime. Sprains are not an issue that only affects athletes. They can happen quite easily. For example, you may find yourself walking on unstable ground and one of your ankles twists resulting in a sprain. The pain from strains can range from mild to severe, and this likely has a lot to do with how quick first aid care is performed, individual tolerance for pain, and the severity of the ankle issue. Some sprains may also involve portions of the feet, and swelling of the ankle and foot can occur. The following are important points that everyone needs to know about ankle sprains and why seeing a doctor is important.

What should you do after an ankle sprain?

The most important thing that you can after a suspected ankle sprain is to initiate first aid care as promptly as possible. This involves using a process often abbreviated as RICE, which is an acronym for rest, ice, compression, elevation. This means that you need to take a rest from any further physical activity. Apply ice compressions to the injured area, and elevate it. Plan to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Why is medical attention ideal for sprains?

Sometimes people make the mistake of thinking that they have ankle sprain based on the activity that causes their injuries. The issue is that sometimes their judgment about the severity of their injuries is wrong, which means that a more serious issue may go prolonged and get worse. For example, ankle fractures are sometimes mistaken as ankle sprains because they may feel similar. The most accurate method of determining what type of injury you have is by seeing a doctor. Some people who do not get medical attention may have chronic ankle issues for the rest of their lives. 

What type of treatment can someone expect after going to the doctor?

You will need to expect to rest from physical activity. This means that if you play sports, you will need to take some time off. Treatment will be centered around ensuring that the ankle heals correctly and reducing inflammation. If an ankle fracture is discovered, you may be referred to a podiatrist to ensure that your ankle heals correctly. Individuals who do not follow what the doctors recommend when it comes to returning to physical activity put themselves at risk for future ankle issues, which can impact sports performance and other strenuous activities. For more information concerning ankle pain, contact businesses like Advanced Foot & Ankle Centers of Illinois.