Sobering Up: 3 Factors To Take Into Consideration When Determining Whether An Outpatient Rehab Center Is Suitable

Drug addiction is a huge problem in America. 23.5 million Americans are addicted to either alcohol or drugs. If you've been struggling to get sober on your own, relying on external help may be the kick that you need to finally free yourself from the seduction of these addictions. There are many different types of rehab centers available. The two most popular types include inpatient and outpatient centers. Outpatient rehab centers basically allow you to come and go as you please. This article will take a look at the 3 factors that you need to take into consideration when determining whether an outpatient rehab center is suitable for you.

Stability of Home Environment

One of the first things that you'll need to consider is whether you receive any support at home. You need to consider whether the home environment is stable and nurturing or whether it is unstable and stressful. If the home environment is unstable and stressful, there's a higher chance that you're going to relapse when looking for an escape. An outpatient rehab center is most effective when you have a loving home environment and the support of family members and friends.

The Need to Work or Attend School

Another thing to consider is whether you're going to be busy with work or school. If you're going to be busy with work or school, you can occupy your mind with other thoughts that are not related to your addiction. In addition, depending on your circumstances, you might not be able to take time off work or school. This is where the flexibility of outpatient rehab centers come in handy.

Ability to Afford Medical Care and Services

Many Americans choose not to get help due to the high costs associated with going to rehab. In general, an inpatient rehab center will be much more expensive than an outpatient one, as you'll need to pay for additional expenses like room and board. If you're trying to make ends meet, an outpatient rehab center will provide you with all of the resources, medications and treatments that you need, at only a fraction of the cost.


Don't let addiction take over who you are any longer. It's time to seek help in order to free yourself from its grasps. Find an outpatient rehab center like Olalla Recovery Centers near you that targets the type of drug that you are addicted to once and for all.