Mobility Aids To Help Your Spouse Remain Independent While Recovering From A Broken Leg

If your spouse fell down a flight of steps and broke their leg, the following mobility aids will help them remain independent throughout the healing process. As a result, your loved one will be able to handle simple tasks while inside and outside of your home and won't have to struggle or ask for assistance to complete a basic activity.

Motorized Scooter

Rent or purchase a motorized scooter from a pharmacy or supplier of medical devices. A scooter has an adjustable seat and handlebars and many models have a basket secured to the front of them that will allow your loved one to transport items from room to room. If a cup holder is attached to the scooter's console, your spouse can ride on the scooter outdoors while sipping on a cool beverage.

Check with your health insurance provider before renting or buying a scooter to determine if your insurance policy will cover any of the costs that you incur. Afterward, schedule a time for the scooter to be dropped off at your home. If a pharmacy or medical supplier offers a delivery service, request information on how to operate the scooter so that your spouse can utilize the equipment right away. 

Chair Lift

If you live in a two-story home, a motorized chair lift will provide your spouse with a comfortable and safe way to be transported up and down the steps. A chair lift is an item that can be acquired from a business that sells mobility aids and medical devices. After contacting a company, you will be provided with information about the types of lifts that are available. 

A seat belt, harness, and thick padding are some features to consider adding to the model that you choose. After a technician installs a chair lift in your home, your loved one can practice entering and exiting the chair and take it for several trips up and down the steps until they are accustomed to using it the proper way. 

Safety Railings 

Safety railings can be installed along the sides of your home's front porch, throughout hallways, and inside of rooms. Railings will provide your loved one with leverage when they are getting on or off the motorized scooter or stair lift or to prevent falling when they are transferring their weight from one seated area to another one. Use a power drill and hardware to install railings.

After your loved one's leg has healed, simply loosen and remove the hardware to take the railings down The railings can be stored in an attic or shed and utilized at another time if you or your partner are faced with another mobility issue. Talk with a company like TwinCity Stairlifts for more information.