Is Your Girlfriend Studying For The MCAT? 3 Ways To Show Your Support

You are proud of your girlfriend's decision to use her talents in the medical field, and you both began your journey together with the full understanding that her education would take priority for a while. Now, she is ready to prepare for one of the most challenging tests that an aspiring medical school student can take, and you want to show your support. As your girlfriend gets ready to spend the next several months in intense study, use these strategies to let her know that you stand by her decision:

Set Up a Study Station

By the time someone sits down to begin studying for their MCAT, they have already demonstrated a high level of emphasis on education. While your girlfriend might have gotten by with studying on the couch or at the local coffee shop up in the past, she will need a place now to keep up with all of her study materials. Identify a quiet space in your house where she can study without being interrupted. Then, add a desk and some shelves so that she always knows where her study materials are when it's time to do some MCAT prep.

Get Her a Tutor

Although the MCAT involves answering multiple choice questions, this is one test that requires far more than simply memorizing facts and formulas. Many of the questions are designed to measure a person's critical thinking and reasoning skills, and these types of questions are often the hardest to answer successfully. Arrange for your girlfriend to work with a private MCAT tutor that can assess her strengths and weaknesses so that any potential challenges are addressed early on.

Tackle Her Chores

During the next few months, you can bet that many of your girlfriend's spare moments will be filled with studying what she learns during her private MCAT tutoring sessions. Therefore, this is the perfect time to surprise her by taking a few things off her plate. Offer to do her laundry along with yours if you don't live together, or do the grocery shopping while she is busy studying. Little gestures such as these alleviate her stress while letting her know that you are still there for support.

For an aspiring medical student, the MCAT is one of the biggest hurdles they face that can make the difference between being accepted to their preferred program or being forced to go in a less desirable direction. Make sure that your girlfriend has everything she needs to succeed, and you can look forward to being by her side when she receives her excellent scores.