Three Things To Know Before You Get A Medical Marijuana Prescription

You may reach a point due to some type of illness or other medical condition that your family doctor recommends the use of medical cannabis to treat your ailment. If you opt for this form of treatment, your doctor will write you a prescription for this substance and you can begin to use it. If you don't have any previous experience with medical marijuana and you don't know anyone who has used it, you might have a lot of questions about proceeding. Your family doctor can answer them all for you so that you feel more informed. Here are three important details that you should know before you proceed.

You Don't Need To Smoke It

For many people, the term "marijuana" conjures up images of rebellious teenagers smoking marijuana cigarettes to get high. You might feel concerned about the idea of smoking, especially if you've never smoked cigarettes in the past or you have respiratory conditions such as asthma. The good news is that you don't need to smoke your medical marijuana. There are many different ways of taking in this plant to get its benefits. Medical marijuana users commonly vaporize their prescription, while others bake it into foods. These methods may be preferable to you over smoking.

You'll Need To Experiment With Your Dosage

Many medical marijuana users find that a period of trial and error is effective for getting the dosage that is right for them. While your family doctor will be able to suggest a dosage, things aren't as simple as you might find when taking pharmaceutical drugs. There are many different factors that can influence the process of finding the right dosage for you. For example, if you've smoked marijuana recreationally in the past, it's possible that you'll need a higher dosage than someone who hasn't consumed the drug.

You Should Plan A Secure Storage Location

While it's always important to have a secure place in your home to store drugs, this is especially true when you get a medical marijuana prescription. For example, if you have teenagers, you may be concerned about them taking the drug to abuse. In this scenario, you're left with two problems — teenagers who are using marijuana without a prescription, and the fact that you no longer have the substance that you need for your medical condition. A small safe is a perfect place to store your medical marijuana in your home.