2 Tips For Extinguishing Your Anger Before It Gets Out Of Control

If you have noticed that you become angry quite easily, you may find yourself constantly getting into situations where your anger turns into blind rage. If you want to try to gain control of your emotion, use the following tips for extinguishing your anger before it gets out of control.

Carry a Notebook

One way you can express your anger in a more constructive way without hurting anyone else's feelings is to carry a notebook with you. Whenever you start feeling yourself getting angry, step away, and write down whatever it is that you may have said out loud.

Writing down your thoughts when you become angry accomplishes two things. First, it gives you an outlet for your feelings and thoughts. Getting everything out on paper can help you express yourself without escalating a situation with another person. Second, having a written account of whenever you get angry gives you a record of the episodes. You can then go back and see if there are common triggers, as well as any common themes in your thought processes.

You could then take this notebook to a counselor at businesses like Comprehensive  Behavioral Health Associates Inc. Together you could then devise a personalized plan of dealing with your anger issues in the future.

Walk Away and Keep Walking

Another way to deal with your anger when your first start feeling the emotion is to walk away from the situation. Then, keep on walking until you feel yourself cool down. Not only does taking a walk remove you from the stressor that triggered your anger, but it also gives you time to think through the situation without any outside influences.

While you are walking, talk to yourself. If you wish, say out loud what you would have said during the argument had you stayed. While you are speaking, pay attention to your though processes to see if maybe you could have overreacted. You could also take this time to put yourself in the other person's shoes by saying your angry words to yourself. Then, think about how you would feel or respond if you were the other person in the exchange.

Using the above tips when you start to feel yourself becoming angry can help you overcome the emotion before allowing yourself to get out of hand. However, if you still have trouble controlling your temper, make an appointment with a counseling service so you can speak with a professional about personalized techniques for getting a handle on your anger.