Erectile Dysfunction Affecting Your Marriage? 2 Treatment Options You Have

If you have erectile dysfunction (ED), this can greatly affect your marriage. Not only this but it can put a lot of stress on you. Fortunately, there are treatment options available to help you. Below are two of these options so you can get started with this treatment.

1. Medication

One of the most common ways to treat ED is by medication. There is nothing over the counter that you can buy, however. Instead, this will have to come from a prescription written by your doctor. This medication increases the blood flow to your penis allowing you to become fully erect. You will need to take the medication at the right time, however, such as an hour or 30 minutes before you have sexual relations. Your doctor can give you this information.

Not everyone can take erectile dysfunction treatment medicine, however. For example, if you have heart disease and take nitroglycerin pills, ED medication will cause your blood pressure to drop. This means your doctor would not allow you to take ED medications. There are side effects associated with this medication, such as headaches and nasal congestion.

2. Penile Injection

If you do not want to take oral medication you can choose penile injections instead. With this treatment, a medication is injected directly into your penis. Once injected, you will have an erection within a few minutes. The doctor makes the first few injections for you and teaches you how to do them on your own. This allows you to inject yourself at home. Over time, you will become comfortable doing this.

When you first start this treatment, the doctor will determine how much medication is needed to provide you with an erection. The injection is given on either side of the penis. You should not constantly use the same injection site but instead alternate each side. This will prevent irritation from developing to the injection site. Your doctor will ask you to inject yourself in their office a few times to ensure you are doing it correctly.

There is a limited amount of injections you can do per month. How many this is depends on your personal situation. You and your doctor will discuss this.

Once you determine the right medication for ED, you should also consider therapy. This is because there may be psychological reasons why you cannot reach an erection. You should also ask your partner to help you. For example, they should go to your doctor's appointments with you so that they can help with your treatment.