Less-Talked-About Benefits Of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

If you have been diagnosed with low testosterone levels, then your doctor may recommend undergoing testosterone replacement therapy. Most men realize that this treatment will help restore their libido and fight symptoms of erectile dysfunction. What they do not always realize is that there are other aspects of their health and life that may also be impacted, and often positively. Here are some of the less-talked-about benefits of testosterone replacement therapy.


You might not realize how much your energy levels have decreased over the years because it has happened slowly. Testosterone has a big impact on your energy levels as a man, and as you start testosterone replacement therapy, you will likely find yourself feeling more energized. It could be that all the caffeine and other remedies you've been relying on for energy over the years are just Band-Aids; the real cause of your low energy levels is a lack of testosterone.

Muscle Gain

As you age, muscle mass tends to decrease. You may have lost a lot of muscle tone over the years, even if you have remained pretty active. Once you begin supplementing with testosterone, your workouts may be more productive. You may realize your arms and legs filling out again, especially if you do some weight training.

Stronger Bones

Osteoporosis and weak bones are often seen as issues that impact women, but they can impact men, too — especially when low testosterone levels come into play. Supplementing with testosterone can help keep your bones stronger as you age. You may not directly notice this effect right away, but you will definitely benefit as you age and suffer fewer fractures and other bone injuries than your peers.

More Stable Mood

There are plenty of different causes and factors that can contribute to mood instability and mood-related disorders like depression and anxiety. It would be irresponsible to suggest that each case is due to low testosterone. However, there is a distinct chance that once you start taking testosterone supplements, you will notice your mood start to stabilize. You may be able to think more positively, feel less worried, and feel more in control of your emotions.

Testosterone replacement therapy can be really helpful in boosting your libido, but when you start taking it for this purpose, you'll probably find that it has other benefits, too. Talk to your doctor if you have any lingering concerns as to what you can expect as you begin taking testosterone.