4 Hookah Non-Tobacco, No Nicotine Alternatives

Hookah is a device that allows users to smoke specially made tobacco. You smoke hookah using a water pipe with a smoke chamber and a hose. The hookah pipe heats the tobacco as it passes through the water and is drawn into the hose to the mouthpiece. Smoking hookah is an aesthetic experience and not meant to be inhaled. Most hookah users blow the smoke out right away. The way hookah is smoked differs from cigarettes and other types of alternatives to smoking cigarettes.

Hookah bars are establishments where people gather to smoke hookah and enjoy musical entertainment. These places are laid back with comfortable seating. Patrons can order different types of tobacco to smoke as well as other hookah products. Hookah is popular among those who choose to smoke it instead of cigarettes. There are some alternatives you can consider instead of tobacco and nicotine.

Herbal Options

Shisha molasses is an herbal alternative to hookah tobacco. While the ingredients are not widely known, it's believed the shisha molasses contains sugar cane fiber as its base. Flavorings are also added to enhance the glycerin and make it taste good. Users smoke the shisha molasses the same as they would tobacco.

Gel Options

Hookah gels, or ice drops, are another alternative to tobacco. Glycerin and other flavored liquids are injected into small pieces of gel. The gels contain no nicotine or tobacco. Smokers can use gels in any hookah bowl. The tastes of gels are comparable to tobacco and last longer.

Steam Stone Options

Steam stones are small porous pebbles marinated in flavor. Sometimes they are injected with flavor instead, but the aromatic fluids used are used in hookah tobacco. Be careful when using stones, as most don't have tobacco but some do. The stones do provide long-lasting flavor. Setup and use of stones are the same as using tobacco in the hookah bowl.

Paste Options

Paste for use in a hookah bowl is similar to hookah gels. The paste is organic and infused with aroma and glycerin. Users can smoke the paste along with tobacco, but if you're looking for a tobacco alternative, it also provides a pleasurable smoking experience alone as well.

For those in search of a tobacco-free hookah experience, it is possible to find these and other hookah accessories with a little research. However, most hookah smokers prefer tobacco because it does create a buzz effect and tastes differ from other options. Visit a hookah store to learn more.