Top Reasons To Participate In A Paid Clinical Research Study

Medicine is continually advancing, and one of the major ways that new things are discovered and eventually approved is through highly organized research studies. In most cases, research studies require people to be subjects in a study. One way that clinical research studies find participants is by offering compensation. There are many paid research studies going on at any one time, so participants are always needed. If you have a medical condition, you may want to seriously consider participating in a paid clinical research study. [Read More]

Got Foot Problems? Here Are 3 Reasons To See A Foot Doctor Instead Of Your Family Physician

Dealing with foot problems can be stressful and even depressing, especially if you can't get around as you'd like due to discomfort and pain. Seeing your family physician might provide you with some relief, but there are a few good reasons to consider seeing a foot doctor instead. Rely on Expert Guidance Working directly with a foot doctor will help ensure that you get the expert guidance that you need to effectively tackle your foot problems and live a happier, healthier life. [Read More]

Hypotonia And Physical Therapy In The Down's Syndrome Child

Babies who are born with Down's syndrome often have many health problems in addition to cognitive disabilities. For example, they may have vision problems, heart defects, and dental issues. While not every Down's baby will have these specific issues, one problem that seems universal in these children is hypotonia. Here is what parents should know about this common condition. What Is Hypotonia? In layman's terms, hypotonia is poor muscle tone. The child's muscles are floppier and too relaxed. [Read More]

3 Critical Tips To Consider When Utilizing Stem Cell Therapy For Knee Pain

Having chronic problems with your knees can affect many aspects of your life. The slightest wrong move may leave you in agony. If you're looking for an effective treatment for this type of knee pain, consider stem cell therapy. It has proven effective for many patients. Just make sure you consider these tips before utilizing this healing option.  Ensure Procedure Is Approved  Today, there are many different forms of stem cell therapy that can be used to treat chronic knee pain. [Read More]