3 Ways Type 2 Diabetes Is Managed in Children

An increasing number of children are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, which was previous considered an adult disease. Once the problem is diagnosed, making consistent changes can help your child develop healthier life-long habits. Here are three ways this disease can be managed in children. 1. Medication Like adults with type 2 diabetes, children are often prescribed medication once they are diagnosed. Since there are limited medications available for children to take, many children receive insulin, but some may take a daily oral pill. [Read More]

The Main Advantages Of Scheduling An Appointment With An Online Doctor

Did you know online doctor visits are becoming more popular than ever? If your physician lives quite the distance away from your home, it may be difficult for you to get into the office for appointments, especially if you're not feeling well. The option of requesting an online doctor and speaking with the doctor about any medical issues you may have is a great way to get the help you need without traveling when you're not feeling well. [Read More]

Four Reasons To Get A Prosthetic Eye Following Enucleation

Having your eye removed, whether following an accident or illness, is sure to be one of the most trying experiences of your life. After the eye has been removed, however, you have another big decision to face. Should you get a prosthetic eye? Most patients do choose to have their missing eye replaced with a prosthesis, but there are some that decide to just keep a patch over their missing eye indefinitely. [Read More]

2 Tips For Extinguishing Your Anger Before It Gets Out Of Control

If you have noticed that you become angry quite easily, you may find yourself constantly getting into situations where your anger turns into blind rage. If you want to try to gain control of your emotion, use the following tips for extinguishing your anger before it gets out of control. Carry a Notebook One way you can express your anger in a more constructive way without hurting anyone else's feelings is to carry a notebook with you. [Read More]