5 Ways To Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

Even if you do not have a family history of kidney disease, it is still important to take proper care of your kidneys. Taking adequate care of your kidneys can prevent disease and keep you feeling healthy. Here are five effective ways to keep your kidneys healthy: Be Careful With Painkillers Whether it is to alleviate a toothache or back pain, over-the-counter painkillers can be a lifesaver. However, taking these pain relievers too frequently can be very hard on your kidneys. [Read More]

You're Pregnant: 3 Ways To Alleviate Sinus Pain When You Can't Take Medication

Pain from a sinus infection can be uncomfortable. When you're pregnant and can't take medication, it can be unbearable. If this sounds like you right now, you'll be glad to know that relief is near. Here are four all-natural ways to alleviate sinus pain without the use of medication. Flush With Saline During a sinus infection, your sinuses can fill with mucus, which can lead to sinus pressure. Once the pressure builds up, you may begin experiencing sinus pain that can turn into a debilitating headache. [Read More]

Ways To Cheer Up A Surgery Patient At The Hospital

As the loved one of someone who is going in for orthopedic surgery, you want to support them in any way you can. Maybe they need to stay at the hospital for a day or two (or even longer, in some cases). Nobody loves staying in the hospital, but luckily there are things you can do to cheer the patient up while they're laid up. Out of ideas? Take a few of ours. [Read More]

Facing The Future: What You Need To Know About Cosmetic Surgery And Facial Recognition Software Systems

If you have scheduled a facial cosmetic surgery, congratulations on your decision! After all of the deliberation, consultations, and financing, you likely feel ready and eager for your surgery day to arrive. Before you head in for your surgery, however, take a step back and assess whether or not you need to first make arrangements so that facial recognition software systems will still identify you as you.  Wait, facial recognition software systems? [Read More]