What Is Preeclampsia?

As a pregnant mother, you may have heard doctors talk about preeclampsia at doctor's visits. Knowing what preeclampsia is and what the symptoms are can help you be on the lookout for signs that you have preeclampsia. What is preeclampsia? Preeclampsia is a condition that women typically develop in the 34th week of gestation (although it can develop earlier and can even develop after birth). Preeclampsia is characterized by high levels of protein in the urine and high blood pressure. [Read More]

Spine Wise: 3 Common Back Injuries & Their Various Symptoms

Back pain is one of the biggest reasons people visit their chiropractor. And, according to statistics, back pain is usually associated with non-organic incidents, like a back injury. The following are 3 common back injuries and the symptoms related to that injury. 1. Sprain and Strains Strains are usually related to a muscle or tendon that has been bent out of shape or torn. This occurs due to an activity that stressed your back, such as lifting something incorrectly. [Read More]

Three Ways To Modify Your Home To Stay Safe As You Age

One of the more difficult realities of aging is that you will no longer be able to do the same things that you could in your youth. This can hit formerly active people especially hard. As you age, here are three ways that you can make your home more functional and safer for the golden years of your life. Install a chair lift When you are in the prime of your life, you don't want to live in a single level home, but a 2-story house becomes impractical as you age. [Read More]

Laser Skin Resurfacing: Why You Should Consider It For Acne Scars

Are you embarrassed about the scars on your face that were left behind from a severe acne problem? You can get reduce the scars without having to try out a lot of different products, as laser skin resurfacing can give you timely results. Find out below how laser skin resurfacing can be effective for getting rid of acne scars, as well as the risks associated with the procedure. What Makes Laser Skin Resurfacing Ideal for Acne Scars? [Read More]